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Samsung Galaxy Nexus available to pre-order now from Three

The Galaxy Nexus looks to be arriving in time after all; Three has just gone all live and official with a pre-order page where you can nab a Nexus for £40 on The One Plan. Alerted to this via Three’s UK Twitter, you can pre-order the debut Ice Cream Sandwich phone now, with the 18th of November given as an earliest delivery date.

Ok, so that’s a day after the original due date. But that’s better than the 2nd of December right?

This 24 monther gives you the One Plan usual 200 minutes, 5000 texts and that all-important all-you-can-eat unlimited internets.

Those with quite a few less minutes to burn up can opt for the £37 a month plan which gives you the same unlimited web data, 5000 messages and 500 minutes, again on 24 months.

For £34 a month you can get the same amount of minutes and messages, but with a data plan that’s capped at 1GB a month.

Those who’ve been really good this year or access to some deeper pockets can ask Santa/pay £499.99 Galaxy Nexus on a pay-as-you-go basis.

On Three pay-as-you-go you’ve got the option of getting that important unlimited data for £15 which also nets you 300 minutes and 3000 texts.

Source: Twitter


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