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Samsung Galaxy Nexus to get software update to avoid sales ban

Google is hoping to circumnavigate the Samsung Galaxy Nexus US ban with a software patch, which is ready to roll out to all customers.

Last week a judge granted Apple an injunction on US sales of Samsung Galaxy Nexus, following legal wrangling over patent infringement. Samsung did try to get the sales ban lifted, but according to Reuters that appeal was unsuccessful, so the ban remains, losing Google and Samsung a lot of money.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus APPLE injunciton pic

According to The Verge Google and Samsung are trying to get the ban lifted by releasing a patch that addresses disputed patent, 8,086,604, the phones unified search function.

The update tweaks the search bar on the Android homescreen limiting any searches purely to the web, rather than the device, so users will no longer be able to search features on the device such as Gmail and apps. Voice search will also be limited to the same web-based search results.

This is a blow for Galaxy Nexus users, really restricting the devices search capabilities. According to Google the patch is ready to roll out as soon as tonight and it will work across all carriers, although we’re not sure if users can choose to ignore the update. 


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