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Samsung Galaxy Nexus beefs up Stateside

We noted in our review of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus that despite the 4.65″ screen, the phone feels remarkably compact, with a svelte profile and comfortable weighting. The US version of the new Google phone however will be a tad plumper thanks to its LTE radio.

As you can see from the image to the right, beautifully put together by Mat from Engadget, there’s a notable difference with the LTE variant measuring in at 0.6 mm thicker.

It’s not all bad however, to help satiate LTE’s hunger for power, Samsung have endowed the bigger bodied Nexus with an extra 100mAh – nothing major but better than a bout of malware.

For another example of Mat’s phenomenal PhotoShopping, check out his pre-Cha Cha Facebook phone here.

Source and image: Engadget


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