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Samsung Galaxy Nexus camera: Is 5-megapixels enough?

The iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S2 and Nokia N8 are incredible camera-phones and all weigh in at 8-megapixels+, making the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and its 5-megapixel number seem, well, under-whelming. Being Android’s new flagship, this decision was questioned far and wide: Will it still be a great camera-phone? Is 5 megapixels enough? Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

We’ve spent an evening and a morning, Samsung Galaxy Nexus in tow and while we’re not yet in a position to write our full review, we can certainly give you our first impression of the stills camera capabilities, starting with dinner.


Last night, dinner date, Recombu team and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We shared bread, drank wine and longingly gazed at some flowers. The very first thing we noticed – this camera is fast, very fast. As you can see from the shots, quality is pretty on-point too. Even in mediocre lighting, the 5-megapixels gives you plenty of detail across the board. We didn’t get a chance to delve deep into the low-low-light performance, you’ll see that in the full review, but first indoor impressions are promising.


Outdoor lighting is a camera’s best friend and unsurprisingly the Galaxy Nexus thrives in its presence. With good exposure levels, metering and well saturated colours, image quality looks to be up there with the big players. When taking a panorama shot, it over-exposed in parts, but we didn’t tend to see this when taking standard stills. Macro shots also look great and are definitely sharable on screen or printable 6×4 or 7×5.

Outdoor mixed light

Under tents and with unreliable lighting, the outdoor market provided a perfect final challenge for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus camera. The results? Check them out for yourselves, with only one out of nine shots suffering from slight over-exposure and dulling (the Christmas wreaths and reindeer). The rest should go to dispel doubts surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ 5-megapixels being a major hindrance to the overall performance of the handset.


So while we didn’t drop the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in at the deep end with night time shooting outdoors and dark scenes inside, from what we’ve seen, this is one fast camera capable of producing some fine photos. All the images can be clicked through to access the full version, so judge the results for yourself and let us know your thoughts.

Thanks to Mrs Florist for the scenery


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