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Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets Android 4.0.2 update, already superseded by 4.0.3

It sure was a busy Friday for Google, wasn’t it? First off, they rolled out an update to the Galaxy Nexus, bumping it to Android 4.0.2. The new version includes numerous bug fixes, although surprisingly DivX support has been removed from the phone. Google does say that it “will be supported in a future upgrade”, so it’s possible DivX playback wasn’t ready for primetime and that they’re fixing some issues.

While Google did push out 4.0.2, they also announced Android 4.0.3, which they call the “base version” of Android for phones and tablets. There are even more bug fixes and improvements, but also some new APIs for developers to take advantage of, involving the contact social stream, camera, and calender. Google also note that this version “will be rolling out to production phones and tablets in the weeks ahead”, good news for consumers looking to get their Ice Cream Sandwich treat not just on their current hardware, but on new devices too.

For now Google have pushed the source code to the AOSP, so it could be a little while before we see an official update even for the Galaxy Nexus. More than anything 4.0.3 means that developers and manufacturers have what they need to hit the ground running and support Ice Cream Sandwich fully. Look forward to various updates to apps and devices in the near future.

Source: Android Developers Blog via The Verge, XDA-Developers via Engadget


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