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Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Jelly Bean) Tips and Tricks

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been given a new lease of life thanks to the update to Android 4.1.1, otherwise known as Android Jelly Bean. It’s smoother, faster and better, but don’t take our word for it, here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your Android smartphone.

Tip One Р Notifications

The new improved Android Notifications bar does a much better job of showing you what’s going on. How? By providing an expanded view of your notification.

Just drag two fingers to expand or minimize compatible notifications such as email, Google Now updates and images. What’s more, these can also be shared directly to other apps from your notification bar.

Tip Two – Google Now

Siri what? S-Voice who? Oh yes, there’s a new assistant in town and this time, it’s less about voice and more about cards. Google Now is its name and to activate it, just drag up from your on screen home button or lock screen lock icon.

Once open, ask or type your question, get an answer both read out to you and on a card, then if you need more information just swipe the card out of the way and peruse over Google’s own search results.

Tip Three – Widgets

Simply put, widgets are smarter in Jelly Bean – they move, so you don’t have to move them. When placing a widget on a home screen, existing widgets and shortcuts will reposition in order to accommodate the widget you want to drop. Google, you really do think of everything.

Tip Four – Chrome

Chrome Browser is out of Beta and it’s to be the default browser for your Asus Nexus 7, but it doesn’t force itself onto your Nexus after the Jelly Bean update. This makes it your responsibility to download it through the Google Play store and set it to default.

This will open you up to a world of tabbed browsing, shared bookmarks and passwords, not to mention a neat easter egg.

Tip Five – Easter Egg

No version of stock Android would be complete without an easter egg of its own and Jelly Bean is no exception. To enjoy a sizable gelatinous candy overtake your display, jump into settings – then about – find your Android version number and tap it for dear life. Once a little Android appears, keep your finger held on it to take you to a Willy Wonka world of candy and imagination.


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