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Samsung Galaxy Nexus launch date revealed: 17th of November

Alongside release dates and network partners for the Galaxy Note, Samsung tonight also announced the release date for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus; Thursday the 17th of November.

Alongside this release date, as with the Note, came confirmation of who you can get it from; Vodafone and Three will be selling the first Ice Cream Sandwich phone, things which we’d heard already. O2 and Phones 4U will also be flogging the next Nexus, but as with the Galaxy Note, there was no word of any pricing details.

What we already know is that you’ll be able to get the Galaxy Nexus free on a 24 month £41 Orange contract from Phones 4U. This deal includes 1200 minutes, 3000 messages and 250MB of data. For £43.50 a month you can get the same minutes and messages but enjoy a more roomy 1GB usage cap.

We’re still awaiting price info on the Galaxy Nexus from all of the networks; still no word from Orange nor is there anything Nexus-shaped on the fruity network’s Coming Soon page. We daresay we’ll hear something from each of them between now and the 17th of next month. Until then…


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