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Samsung Galaxy Nexus update brings camera, volume and battery improvements

Those wizz-kids at XDA Developers are at it again. After a leaked update for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus rolled out earlier today it’s been bottled and shared around the world for all to enjoy at the following forum page. While it might look like just a little number on the end of a chain, this update appears to fix a series of issues that have hampered Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners experiences since launch.

For starters, MMS issues have been sorted out as have volume problems which have made call quality somewhat hit and miss prior to the update. In addition, the camera app opens considerably faster according to XDA members and tweets on tweets on the subject suggest general camera improvements too. Additionally, battery life is said to have been noticeably improved, with one member claiming an entire 15 hours only consumed 11% of battery.

This update isn’t officially available anymore however having been pulled shortly after being leaked. If you’re desperate for it, you will need to have rooted your phone making it capable of running custom ROMs. Don’t know what rooting is? No problem, check out our introduction to the subject. If however you’re an old hat in the ways of rooting, jump straight over to the XDA forums and download yourself the latest Android 4.0.4 ROM courtesy of XDA member, evilisto.


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