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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 specs revealed?

UPDATED: Initial information on the follow-up to last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note has emerged. UbuntuLife are stating that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will offer up a larger screen, better processor and a number of new features and services when it launches in October time later this year.

As alien as the concept of the original Samsung Galaxy Note was at the time, we quickly grew to love that huge 5.3-inch display along with its implementation of stylus/touchscreen input on a smartphone. The tablet-smartphone concept isn’t for everyone, but the Note, which launched some six months ago, has already accumulated a large following, with 7 million handsets already sold and Samsung gunning for a target of 10 million by the time its successor arrives.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 mockup by Recombu

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (as it will most likely be named) is expected to sport an even larger display than its 2011 brother. Word has it the Note will utilise a 5.5-inch WSXGA+ (1680×1050) Super AMOLED display with a pixel density of 360ppi. Samsung could of course opted for a FullHD display, but with the human eye struggling to determine individual pixels past the 300ppi mark at the distances the device will most likely be held from their face, FullHD would be somewhat overkill.

Other specs rumoured to be making their way to the Note 2 include Samsung’s newly announced Exynos 5 Dual (a.k.a. Exynos 5250) dual-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel camera and in select markets LTE connectivity. Samsung services will feature on the Note 2 as well, including S Voice and S Beam which we first saw on the new Galaxy S3.

It seems as if the Samsung Galaxy S3 rumours have only just subsided following the launch of the company’s new flagship smartphone, but the Note brand has fast become another key player in Samsung’s smart device portfolio and as such we can expect to be hearing about the Note 2 right through until its expected October arrival.

UPDATE 29/6/12: The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is still a twinkle in Samsung’s eye as far as consumers are concerned, but GSMArena have received a tip from a highly reliable source, reaffirming the existence of the upcoming device as well as noting a few key pieces of information. For one, their tip matched up with our previous suspicions of a 5.5-inch WSXGA+ display and rather logically, the Note 2 will take is styling cues from the Samsung Galaxy S3, much as the original Note must tip its hat to the S2. Following Google I/O’s announcement earlier this week, it’ll likely run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box too.

Most notably, arrival of the Galaxy Note 2 is said to be September time this year, rather than our previously anticipated October. The shift goes against our previous suspicions but for much the same reason. We originally thought Samsung were planning to release the Note 2 at the same time as Apple’s iPhone 5 to draw attention away from sales of it, but now it would seem that Samsung are getting in early, to drum up interest well before the new iPhone arrives. As always take these tidbits with a pinch of salt and whichever device you’re looking forward to, keep your eyes peeled, we should find out more as the year progresses.


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