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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips and Tricks

The successor to the original pen touting phablet is here, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, complete with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, more screen and less slowdown. It also packs a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos 4 processor and 2GB RAM. Serving up a helping of Jelly Bean, or Android 4.1, it really is the most cutting edge handset available in terms of specs, inside and out.

There are some ways to take better advantage of all this tech though, so read on to for our top five Samsung Galaxy Note 2 tips and tricks and check out the full Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review here.


Photo Editor

If there’s one thing that’s great about the Samsung Galaxy S3 it’s the camera, and with its fantastic 6fps burst mode, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 betters this. That said, the incredible Samsung Photo editor isn’t on board out of the box. To get the best mobile photo editor out there you’ll need to open the Samsung Apps application. This will require an initial set up, but once done, just search for photo editor, install it and you’ll be able to finesse your pictures with little more than a swipe.

Contextual Menus

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 builds on Samsung’s TouchWiz Nature UX by adding context sensitive menus. What does this mean? Just pull out your S-Pen, and S-Pen applications populate a new home screen. Plug in your headphones and music applications take centre stage. You can toggle these menus by tapping the cog icon in any of them.

Bin your Search bar – Task manager, menu key

By default there’s a Google search bar taking up the space of four potential shortcuts or folders on your homescreen. What do we say? Can it. Why? Because there are two ways to access Google Search and Google Now on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with little more than long presses. The easiest only works from a home screen, and that’s a simple long press of the menu key. The second requires you pull up the task manager by long pressing the home button. Once the task manager up, at the bottom of the screen is a google search shortcut. Hello extra homescreen space.

Customise your Keyboard

Samsung’s original Note was a piece of cake to use with 2 hands, but one handed use was nothing short of impossible unless you had oversized appendages. Samsung’s ICS update however brought with it one handed mode, something that’s made its way to the Note 2. Just dip into your keyboard settings, activate it and you’re keyboard will lean either left or right. While you’re there, you can also switch on Continuous Input, a Swype style slide oriented input method.

Hover to Preview

Taking full advantage of the S-Pen, not only are there 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, but you can also hover over certain elements to preview them. This works in text messages and videos for example, with the latter giving you a pop out player preview of your movie.

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