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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Top Five Apps video

After a couple of days with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 we’ve decided on five apps that help make the S-Pen more artistic, the big screen more bountiful and the 8-megapixel images infinitely more editable. So if an out of the box quad-core powered phablet packing HD Super AMOLED splendor and 5.5-inches of screen size hasn’t wowed you enough, wait until you try out these bad boys.


If S-Note isn’t comprehensive enough for your artistic abilities, you might want to check out SketchBook Mobile. With a host of brushes and tools for your S-Pen, when it comes to sketching, it’s much more complete an artist’s toolkit than Samsung’s own app. In addition to these features, it also includes support for layers and multiple file format exports, helping to make the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 perfect for on the fly S-Pen illustrators.


Even Sketchbook has its limitations though and with no pressure sensitivity, it’s a real shame it doesn’t take advantage of that awesome Note 2 feature. For illustrators looking for an alternative, altogether more sensitive pen input experience, just download LayerPaint. While the menu system is a little more complicated than Sketchbook or S-Note, it allows you to do some really cool things like change your canvas size and export your creation as a Photoshop file and like Sketchbook, packs a host of great brushes and illustration tools.


With its 5.5-inch 720p HD Super AMOLED screen, it makes sense to use your Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s display to read on. What’s our preferred way of doing this? Just install the Kindle app and if you’ve already got one of Amazon’s eReaders, all your eBooks will be just a tap away. What’s great about Kindle is that thanks to Amazon’s WhisperSync, if you stop reading on one device you can simply resume the last read location on another.

Samsung Photo Editor

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s camera is great, but the incredible Samsung Photo editor isn’t on board out of the box. To get it on your Note 2, you’ll need to open the Samsung Apps application. This will require an initial set up with your Samsung Account, but once done, just search for Photo Editor, install it and you’ll be able to finesse your pictures with little more than a swipe.

Documents to Go

Another notable absence from our Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is Polaris Office – or any document editor for that. This could be because ours was an early sample, so your version may have this on board, but if it doesn’t, you’ll probably want to download an office editor or viewer of your own. Our editor of choice is Documents to Go by DataViz. You can download the document viewer for free, but if you want to edit documents you’ll need to purchase a licence. This isn’t cheap at £9.29 on the Google Play Store, however it’s a fair price when looking at other editors and provides robust Google Docs integration as well as the ability to handle your documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint files and PDFs with ease.

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