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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge not coming to UK on launch

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge phablet, one of the first phones to sport a curved display, will not be coming to the UK or the majority of Europe when it launches.

Online retailer Clove has confirmed via its distribution channels that Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge won’t be available to buy in the UK when it launches worldwide, with the ‘majority of European countries’ also missing out.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge not coming to UK on launch

While Samsung hasn’t speculated on the Note Edge’s UK release, which we’re hoping will merely be delayed rather than canned entirely, we do know that the Galaxy Note 4 without the curved edge will be hitting Blighty on the week commencing October 13th, with a £575 price tag.

While we’re still not entirely convinced by that rounded display, there’s no denying that the Galaxy Note Edge was one of the more interesting gadgets to emerge from IFA 2014. Of course, if you want to use it in your right hand, you’re pretty much screwed – your palm’s going to smother the rounded edge and render it completely useless.

We’ll update when we hear more info on the Galaxy Note Edge’s UK release date.



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