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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could be your flexible friend

Samsung’s vice president of mobile reveals in an interview that the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 phablet could launch with a flexible screen.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Samsung’s vice president of mobile Lee Younghee revealed that the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 phablet may launch with a flexible screen. Current plans are to introduce the much-talked-about flexible display tech with this year’s new Galaxy Note handset, although Mr Younghee also pointed out that plans could well change before the phablet launches.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablet 2014 could feature a flexible screen

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is set to launch at IFA 2014 in September, and so far few details have been leaked. Rumours have already circled that the hand-filling phone might sport a wrap-around screen that folds around the edges, so you can see your notifications even when the phone’s sat on your bedside table and you’re tucked up with teddy.

We’ve already seen a curved display from Samsung, on the Galaxy Round smartphone, and the Korean company hasn’t been shy over its flexi-screen research, showing off demo displays at CES 2011 and originally stating that its Galaxy phones would begin to sport flexible screens from 2012. So far we haven’t seen the tech in any actual Samsung handsets, although the LG Flex was a teeny bit bendy.

We’ll bring you more Samsung Galaxy Note 4 news when we have it, but would you be tempted if the phablet came with a bendy screen? Let us know in the comments.



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