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The best UK deals on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8

Samsung’s huge Galaxy Note 8 handset has just launched at long last, so how much will it cost in the UK and what are the best deals? O2, Carphone Warehouse, EE and other networks and providers have already revealed pay monthly contract details for the most anticipated smartphone of 2017, including deals that offer the best data for your cash.

We’ve just witnessed the launch of the new Note 8, Samsung’s follow-up to the sadly mass-recalled Note 7 which made major headlines last year. Now that the phone is finally official, Carphone Warehouse has revealed the monthly contract pricing and best deals for this mega-handset.

Is the Galaxy Note 8 worth it?

The Galaxy Note 8 was quite heavily leaked ahead of the official unveiling, with images of the mighty handset and many specs hitting the internet long before today. Most of those rumours were on the money too, as we discovered at the launch.

Of course you get a super-powered chipset, backed by 6GB of RAM, as well as Samsung’s first ever dual-lens mobile camera. This is one massive blower too, with a mighty 6.3-inch QHD+ display topping even the Galaxy S8 Plus.

You also get Samsung’s S Pen stylus, which can be used for creative and productive purposes.

Head to our in-depth Note 8 hands-on review for all you need to know.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deals

With this kind of brilliant tech on board, you’d be right for thinking that the Note 8 isn’t going to be cheap. Pre-orders are now open across UK providers, if you have the cash to spare.

Carphone Warehouse

Carphone’s best Pay Monthly deal for Samsung’s phone is £49 per month with a £60 up-front cost, which gives you service on O2. That’ll net you 5GB of data to use each month, as well as (we’re assuming) unlimited texts and minutes.

Want more data than that? You can pay £56 a month with the same up-front cost and that data allowance rises to a mighty 20GB.

Vodafone fans can grab the Note 8 from £56 per month, with a £50 up-front cost. That’ll net you a massive 16GB of data.

Finally, you can get the Note 8 on EE from £59 per month, with a smaller £30 up-front cost.

Each of these networks of course offer their own unique benefits. For instance, O2 gives its customers free stuff every week, as well as priority ticket purchasing for O2 Arena gigs.


If you want to pre-order the Note 8 direct from Samsung, the cheapest monthly tariff is £53 per month, although that comes with a £189 up-front cost and just 3GB of data. Far more enticing is the £66 per month contract which bags you 10GB of data, with just £50 to pay up-front.

You will also find some contracts on O2’s Yearly Upgrade refresh scheme, to upgrade your handset after 12 months – if you’re somehow bored of Samsung’s brilliant blower. And data hogs will find deals for up to 50GB of data per month.

You can grab the mighty mobile in maple gold or black.

Pre-order by September 14 and O2 says you’ll get it on the 15th.


EE is offering a similar deal set on the Note 8, with pre-orders once again open now.

You can grab Samsung’s big blower on a £62.99 per month 4GEE Max plan, which gives you 15GB of data to play with. That’s with a £50 up-front cost.

Drop the up-front cost to £30 and pay £67.99 per month instead, and you get a 4GEE Max plan with 25GB of data. Otherwise, an up-front cost of just £10 and a monthly payment of £72.99 bags you a 4GEE Max plan with 40GB of data. This last option also buys you access to the EE Annual Upgrade scheme, giving customers the freedom to upgrade their handset after 12 months just like O2’s Yearly Upgrade.

How much does the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cost SIM-free in the UK?

Carphone has also revealed the SIM-free price of the Note 8. Apparently you can pick up Samsung’s mighty new handset for £869 here in Blighty, outside of contract. That’s on par with the Galaxy S8 Plus, and certainly a high price to pay for this brilliant blower.

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