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Samsung Galaxy Note gets an extended battery come kickstand

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a beast of a phone head on, however it’s clear, Samsung tirelessly slaved away in order to make sure it’s svelte profile didn’t suffer from the sheer oomph under the hood. Mugen Power however have different ideas about what makes a phone beautiful. Embracing the mantra ‘bigger is better’, with its 4500mAh extended battery adding 80% more power to the Note, this accessory also adds considerable girth to this already sizable Samsung. That said, it’s not all bulk with the addition of a kick-stand being a great complement to the Note’s 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED screen – good thinking Mugen Power.

There is, however a down-side. If you’re a Samsung Galaxy Note owner and are itching to get your hands on more power, it looks like there’s a bit of a wait to go with a UK release of around February on the cards. Given that the official battery is also sold out just about everywhere, additional power options for the Note are limited.

The alternative in the meantime is a portable charger, though bear in mind, if you go for a 2000mAh charger or lower, it won’t quite fill up the Note and its sizable 2500mAh battery. Note owners looking for a full charge should consider a larger capacity charger such as the Pama h Plug N Go, with a full 4000mAh under the hood.

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