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Samsung Galaxy Note S-Pen Holder: Hands on video

There are so many things we love about the Samsung Galaxy Note we don’t know where to start. We reviewed it and it scored highly, we re-reviewed it and it came up trumps three months in. Powerful, beautiful and functional, phone or tablet it’s a winner in our eyes. That said, if there was anything we would have changed it would have been the S-Pen. We always felt it was on the fiddly side and upon comparing it with the HTC Flyer’s full sized pen-like prodder, we deemed HTC’s offering to be more usable than the Note for things like illustration.

That said – the Samsung Galaxy Note has a secret weapon, a body armour so effective, in one swift insertion, lock and load it can rival the best styli out there – the Samsung Galaxy Note S-Pen Holder. Available for around £25, this isn’t the cheapest accessory on the market, especially considering it’s just a cage, however it’s a pretty incredible cage comprised of solid materials and well suited to a pocket or a bag.

The S-Pen holder can in turn transform your trusty but weedy S-Pen into a powerful tool that won’t just ease up the workload for your thumb and forefinger, but also help ensure you always have an art studio to hand. In addition to all the Samsung optimised drawing apps, the likes of Sketchbook for example coupled with an artistic bent and a Note are an illustrator’s best friend, with files exportable as transparent PNGs and multi-layered PSD files.

As you can see from our hands-on video below, you can bash out some sweet doodles on the fly with comfort and geekery, so if you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Note and a penchant for drawing, we’d heartily recommend this nifty gadget.



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