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Samsung Galaxy R: Galaxy S2’s cheaper cousin coming to the UK?

We’ve seen internet murmurs of a Samsung Galaxy Z, a cheaper, slightly modified version of the Galaxy S2, for a while. Whilst that wasn’t going to arrive in the UK (we checked with Sammy) a very similar, dare we say identical phone adopting the monicker of Galaxy R appears to be coming to the UK.

That’s according to CNET, but non-one’s exactly sure just yet what that R stands for. Redux? Rehash? Reconstituted? Irrespectively, we’re excited at the idea of a phone that cuts some of the wallet damage of the Galaxy S2.

The Galaxy R does bring some changes to the Galaxy S2 spec sheet, like a Super LCD screen (compared to the original’s SAMOLED plus screen) that’s 0.1 inches smaller, measuring in at 4.2-inches.

Similar to rumours that the US Galaxy S2 model would pack NVidia’s Tegra 2 chipset, the Galaxy R is expected to house the same dual-core goodness, whilst desgin-wise, you’ll find the phone slightly weightier due to the metallic back found on other Samsung phones like the Omnia 7 and Wave series. If you found the Galaxy S2 uncomfortably light-weight- this could prove to be the ideal solution.

The camera is downgraded to a five-megapixel sensor, capable of 720p high-definition video. So there’s visible cost-cutting in action, but if it maintains the slickness and stability of the Galaxy S2 (it’s still got that dual-core power) this could be huge. It’s unofficially set to launch this month; July. We hope at least half of the Galaxy S2’s hidden tricks work on its reformed relative.

We’ve been in contact with Samsung UK, and are looking to confirm that the phone will arrive here. More when we get it.

UPDATE: We’ve heard back from Samsung.


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