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Samsung Galaxy S II gets in depth preview

You might want to run this one through Google Translate before you get reading. Ukranian site has gotten hold of a prototype Samsung Galaxy S II and put it through its paces.

Included in the preview is a ten minute video demo of the Galaxy S II in action, including in depth analysis of the UI. The unit doesn’t appear to be running the TouchWiz 4.0 launcher which is supposed to ship with the final build of the S II, meaning we will have to wait and see what improvements Samsung has made.

gagadget also included 1080p footage and stills from the handset’s camera which were pretty impressive, especially given the handset is not a final build.

Comparison shots against the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 are also in the review, not sure exactly why, but you can clearly see how thin the Samsung handset is.

We had a brief hands on with the Galaxy S II at MWC this year and were definitely impressed. Samsung has managed to squeeze a pretty serious powerhouse of a mobile into an ultra thin and well designed chassis.

Rumours suggest the Galaxy S II will be priced at around £649 sim free at release.

See below for Gagadget’s video



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