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Samsung Galaxy S II: SIM free, £649.99

Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S II, has been spotted online with a price. Coming SIM-free, you can expect to pay £649.99.

The phone’s listing on tech website, Expansys, says it’s due to arrive Monday 18th April. Monthly tariff details haven’t yet been revealed by UK phone networks. The Galaxy S II is the improved sequel to the Galaxy S, which proved to be a huge hit last year.

The phone now has an improved SAMOLED Plus screen, which is even less power hungry and less reflective. The touch-screen has also been expanded to 4.3 inches, with greater integration of voice controls; you’ll be able to bark memos and even send text messages through your own voice.

One of the thinnest smartphones we’ve seen, within that 8.4mm profile, they’ve somehow managed to cram a dual-core processor able to handle all the streaming video and apps you can throw at it.

There are two cameras, with the rear-facing main camera able to record 1080p resolution video, and the front-facing two-megapixel camera for video-calling.

The Galaxy S II will be running the latest version of Android, Gingerbread, and should be compatible with almost everything available in Google’s Android Market. Expect our own review in the coming months.


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