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Samsung Galaxy S II: The world’s thinnest phone

“It’s been a year since we last met. And here we are again. Have you lost weight?”

Samsung’s Galaxy S II (2) is now a dual-core smartphone, meaning two processors to do what you want it to do.

Its vibrant SAMOLED Plus screen was visible from the stage when presented to the audience at Samsung’s press event. it’ll also have the latest version of Android, Gingerbread.

Size-wise, it’s a pocket (and suit) friendly 8.49mm. That’s the world’s thinnest. Cue applause.

During their presentation, Samsung said that the Galaxy S II would be able to wirelessly link to printers, TVs and other compatible hardware. No more cables; sounds good, and you’ll still be able to faff around with your phone while media streams from it.

Samsung looks set to integrate voice commands even more heavily; you’ll be able to speak to your phone to send texts, take memos and more. We love the creepy in-phone voices!

The Korean electronics giant is also aiming at business customers, promising on-device encryption, at a time when phone loss and theft is a major worry for businesses. (Especially when some phones can be broken in under six minutes.)

Reader Hub, Social Hub, Game Hub and Music Hub widgets from Samsung, will connect users to to shop apps, to spend their cash on books, music, games and… friends?

Hands-on pictures soon!


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