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Samsung Galaxy S2 4.1.2 Jelly Bean ROM leaks ahead of release

The Jelly Bean ROM designed for the Samsung Galaxy S2 has appeared online and on video, showing new features coming to Samsung’s 2011 Android flagship.

Way back at the start of the year, talk of Samsung’s new flagship littered the headlines and not long after that, the Galaxy S3 took to the stage and consequently, the store shelves, shifting millions of units worldwide and making headlines as it did so. With all the attention on the new flagship, many started to forget about last year’s poster child: the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Jelly Bean Galaxy S2

Once the Samung Galaxy Note 2 joined the party as well, toting not only its fancy S Pen but Samsung’s version of Android Jelly Bean, almost everyone expected it to hit the Galaxy S3, but the future wasn’t so clear for the Galaxy S2.

Thankfully Samsung didn’t disappoint users of the older droid and did indeed confirm that Jelly Bean; the latest version of Android, would be making its way to not only the S3, but the S2 as well. We’re now on the tail-end of the Jelly Bean roll out for the S3, so logically it’s the S2’s turn and although Samsung haven’t pushed any official out yet, as the video below demonstrates, the ROM is very much alive and well.

The Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update can be plucked from the pages of XDA Developers from a thread headed up by user iZap which outlines details of the ROM. Jelly Bean on the S2 appears to include a version of TouchWiz nature UX, featuring a complete revamp of the old S2 user interface, opting for a much more up-to-date look, which falls in line with the myriad of Samsung’s latest handsets. Of course being unofficial at this stage, elements of Jelly Bean still aren’t screwed together correctly and some aspects, such as Project Butter are absent altogether.

Having said that, the fact that this ROM is already in such a complete state bodes well for its official release from Samsung in the coming weeks.


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