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Samsung Galaxy S2 leaked: is this the Nexus S’ long lost twin?

A leaked shot of a phone purporting to be the Samsung Galaxy S2 has appeared over on Korean site ETnews.

Like the Google Nexus S, the Galaxy S2 will apparently feature, Android 2.3 and an NFC chip. Unlike the Nexus S, the Super AMOLED screen measures a bigger 4.3-inches and the processor is a dual-core one – no word on whether or not it’s a Tegra 2.

So, if these specs are true, it’s not quite the lost twin of the Nexus S, unlike the HTC Desire/Nexus One, which were very similar phones spec-for-spec.

The pic above looks very much like a work in progress/concept sketch and doesn’t look at all like the Nexus S or even the Galaxy S. It’s got more in common with the Samsung Omnia 7 – a Windows Phone 7 phone.

In the time between now and Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on the 14th of February we can expect to see a lot of this kind of stuff.

The actual thing could end up looking a lot different and could come with some different spec. We’ve contacted Samsung for further info and are waiting to hear back.

Update: This isn’t the first time the internet has seen this image or these specs. They originally surfaced in July 2010, with the spec being more or less the same. An early 2011 release date was mentioned, which ties in with the ETNews piece. We’ll know what the score is for sure come Mobile World Congress. Thanks to everyone who emailed in.

Source: ETNews via MobileCrunch


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