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Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus set for MWC unveiling?

Sadly, it’s been confirmed: Samsung aren’t looking to share any flagship limelight at Mobile World Congress so won’t reveal the handset everyone’s been waiting for, the Samsung Galaxy S3. That said, if there’s anything we know it’s that Samsung love their symbols and what better reason is there to pull one out than a revised Samsung Galaxy S2: the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus.

With not even a render to speak of, after assuring us that they would still be unveiling exciting new mobile products at MWC, a Galaxy S2 Plus turned up on An3DBenchXL’s benchmark database rocking Android 2.3.4, a WVGA display and a 1.5 GHz CPU akin to the processor on the US release of the Galaxy Note.

Now while this could be a shiny new phone expected to land at MWC, there is also every chance it’s simply the US T-Mobile Galaxy S2, which runs with the same set of specs. Unfortunately, being UK based and without access to a unit, we can’t confirm how the T-Mobile variant of the GS2 in the States looks on An3DBenchXL, so if anyone can – let us know.

In all honesty however, what we’d really like to see at MWC from Samsung is an HD Super AMOLED phone smaller than the Note with competitive resolution. The Samsung Galaxy S2’s resolution has always been one of the few areas it hasn’t outshone the competition and a year on, we’re definitely ready to get our mitts on a Galaxy S that does.

Source: PocketNow


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