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Samsung Galaxy S2 White available in the UK, US “versions” launch

The white version of the dual-cored, AMOLED-screened wonder that is the Galaxy S2 starts today.

Due to be shipped by online sites like Clove from tomorrow, Samsung UK has told us that it will be available in other major retailers, online and in-store, starting today.

Last night, the Samsung Galaxy S2 was also finally unveiled in the US, in three slightly different designs for each of the major US phone networks.

The biggest difference between the US range and the European version is the disappearance of the physical central button; replaced by the typical capacitive row of Android buttons; Search, Back, Home and Menu.

We’ve been told that the fabled screenshot function (Home + Power button) still functions on the new setup, but we’re not sold on the new layout – something that was also there on the original US-only Galaxy S.

The Galaxy S2 White matches the original with Samsung’s Exonys 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and an eight-megapixel auto-focus camera capable of full high-definition videorecording.


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