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VTEC launches Samsung Galaxy S3 camera lenses

VTEC has introduced a selection of lenses of screw-on lenses compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a respectable 8-megapixel camera, but like all camera phones, the f/2.6 lens is fixed focus and doesn’t offer the flexibility of compact camera, VTEC’s new range of lenses looks to bridge the gap between the S3’s camera phone and stand-alone compacts, improving the capability of the lens.

VTEC Samsung Galaxy S3 camera lenses

The CAM-1209 Telephoto Lens (£34.99) extends the Galaxy S3’s zoom range and includes a manual focus ring and tripod.  The Wide-Angle lens is designed for capturing landscapes and comes in a kit with the Super Macro lens (£23.99 kit), which screws on top to capture close-up photographs.  Finally the Fish-Eye (£24.99) lens captures 180-degree fish eye photographs.

Each lens comes with a cover that attaches to the back of the Galaxy S3 and the lens screws on top.  The cover is slight enough to stay there permanently protecting the phones lens.

VTEC has also announced a CPL Filter (£34.99) to reduce the effect of glare and boost colour saturation and Microscope providing 20x magnification (£24.99)

The lenses look interesting for Samsung Galaxy S3 camera enthusiasts and it’s good to see they are reasonably affordable. All lenses are available now from the VTEC website, along with a selection of iPhone lenses.



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