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Best Samsung Galaxy S3 cases

A new smartphone is something to behold. We’ve all taken pleasure in pulling off that front screen protector for the first time, had the uncomfortable wait whilst the phone undergoes its first charge, and the joy of being able to show your new toy off to your friends. But there are those other smartphone firsts that we don’t like, the first freeze or glitch, the first dead battery and worst of all, the first scratch.

Users dropping or scuffing their beloved smartphones has given rise to a huge industry in smartphone protection, with products ranging from cosmetic customisations to military-grade mobile armour, you can choose from a wide variety of cases and shells. The latest shoppers to the party will no doubt be new Samsung Galaxy S3 owners. The S3 is a big device (it has a 4.8-inch display) and its Hyperglaze bodywork should make it a tough nut to crack, but never say never is the message from accessory sites MobileFun and Proporta who appear to have some of the first official cases online.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 cases range from sophisticated flip cover designs (a la iPad) to more heavy duty TPU and hard shell polymer cases in a variety of patterns and colours including clear and even a Ted Baker entry, take a look.

Electronics case makers Incipio offer a lightweight solution to protecting your Galaxy S3 with the Feather hard-shell case. Available in a range of colours, the snap-on soft-touch case also comes with a video stand, a cleaning cloth and a screen protector. What’s more the case adds barely any bulk at just 1 millimetre thick.

Available from Incipio for just £14.95.

These two cases are from iLuv. The gorgeous shell case on the right is one from a series of unique cases designed by fine artist Dominic Pangborn. Incorporated into the case on the right is a metal pocket designed to fit a credit or Oyster Card. The premise being people can leave their wallet at home and take the phone out instead. Personally, we wouldn’t want to use it to carry our credit cards, but it looks like it could be useful as an Oyster Card holder – certainly until we can pay for the tube using the Galaxy S3.

There’s no news yet when these cases will be available in the UK, but keep an eye on the iLuv website.

Snoopy is back! In a series of cases from iLuv. The cases are already out in the US, but Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy and Woodstock are now immortalised in Samsung Galaxy S3 cases. 

Again no news on availability and prices, but we’ll update this when we hear from iLuv.

The offical Samsung S3 flip case features a thin injected polymer backplate that can prevent scratches and scrapes without adding thickness and a soft material screen protector that flips on and off.

Available in Chrome Blue or Marble White from for £29.95.

A slightly more heavy duty option, the FlexiShield case offers wrap-around protection for your S3. Made from a mix of durable silicone and polycarbonate, you can choose from a range of six colours at £9.99 each except for blue, which retails at £11.95.

Available on

Remove the screen protector element and you have the official Samsung S3 slim case, the thin injected polymer backplate available in white or blue.

Purchased as a twin pack for £14.95 from

If style is your top priority and your a fan of Ted Baker, mobile protection specialists Proporta are offering up a range of three TB patterned S3 cases for you to choose from; Hollon Birdie (above), Jasone and Siman being the patterns in question.

Availble on pre-order from Proporta. £29.95 with free shipping and for the meantime remains on pre-order.

Perhaps you’ve picked up a Galaxy S3 for business and you want a sophisticated looking case to match your work life. Proporta’s signature leather S3 case has an over-the-top flip design which protects the screen when closed. Comprised of black leather, white stitching and an aluminium lining, this case won’t lose shape and won’t get flimsy over time. Available from Proporta now for £29.95.

This sleeve is made from Alcantara, fabric used in the interior of Porsche and Maserati, 1mm thick yet designed to resist wear and tear. This ethically made case comes in Black, Grey, Red, Orange, Blue and Aubergine.

£23.50 from Wrappers

Finally, a pair of Ted Baker cases for men. The Scottish-inspired Ted Baker ‘Siman’ case and the stag head print of the ‘Jasone’ print. All patterns are from Ted Baker’s Autumn/Winter 2012 collection.

Priced £29.95 each from Proporta

Designed to hold your S3 snugly, this Shiny Slip Case is made from soft metallic finish waterproof material. The case is one of many from Oxford-based manufacturer Wrappers.

£18.50 from Wrappers

A complete waterproof enclosure for your S3 in the form of the BeachBuoy case, which offers protection from water, sand and general real-world mess. What’s more you can still get to all the primary features without having to take your S3 back out.

Available from Proporta for £14.95.

We’ve encountered Pong before and they’ve just announced a brand new case specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Available in blue or white this Pong case features a protective soft touch outer shell which is designed to boost mobile phone signal by up to 48% and reduce radiation exposure from emitted from the handset by up to 95%, whist keeping your S3 safe and sound.

Available directly from for £63.99


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