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Best Samsung Galaxy S3 cases

A new smartphone is something to behold. We’ve all taken pleasure in pulling off that front screen protector for the first time, had the uncomfortable wait whilst the phone undergoes its first charge, and the joy of being able to show your new toy off to your friends. But there are those other smartphone firsts that we don’t like, the first freeze or glitch, the first dead battery and worst of all, the first scratch.

Users dropping or scuffing their beloved smartphones has given rise to a huge industry in smartphone protection, with products ranging from cosmetic customisations to military-grade mobile armour, you can choose from a wide variety of cases and shells. Here’s our pick of the best Samsung Galaxy S3 cases.

Cygnett London cases

Are you proud to be a Londoner, or just a fan of one of the world’s greatest city? Cygnett has produced a whole line of cases dedicated to Londinium and some of the iconic elements of the city recognised internationally. Each of these hard shells clips on and adds minimal thickness to your S3.

Price: £14.95 or £19.95 (Daylines and Nightlines) [LINK]

Cygnett London cases for Samsung Galaxy S3
Cygnett London cases

Case-Mate ‘Woods’ case

Case-Mate has a huge library of Galaxy S3-friendly cases, but one of its latest additions caught our eye due to its dual material design. The company’s ‘Woods’ cases offer brushed aluminium along with rose wood, zebrawood or blackened ash inlays in the back.

Price: £45 [LINK]

Case-Mate Woods
Case-Mate Woods

QDOS Leather pouch

For a sophisticated way to protect your Galaxy S3, QDOS has launched its first compatible flip cases. Hand-finish in real leather, with a micro-fibre suede lining and a case with a hard structure, QDOS’s cases also offer anti-shock and anti-dust protection as well as a folding design great for placing a video chat call with your S3’s 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera.

Price: £24.99 [LINK]

QDOS leather pouch


Pong case

Available in blue or white to match the most popular colours of the S3, this Pong case features a protective soft touch outer shell which is designed to boost mobile phone signal by up to 48% and reduce radiation exposure from emitted from the handset by up to 95%, whilst keeping your S3 safe and sound. It also won’t interfere with the NFC technology in the phone’s back.

Price: £63.99 [LINK]

Pong Samsung Galaxy S3 case
Pong Samsung Galaxy S3 case

Ted Baker (from Proporta)

If style is your top priority and you are a fan of Ted Baker, mobile protection specialists Proporta is offering up a range of patterned S3 cases for you to choose from; Hollon Birdie (below), Jasone and Siman being the patterns in question. If you are after something more masculine try the Scottish-inspired Ted Baker ‘Siman’ case and the stag head print of the ‘Jasone.’  All patterns are from Ted Baker’s Autumn/Winter 2012 collection.

Price: £29.95 [LINK]

Proporta Ted Baker Samsung Galaxy S3 cases

Tylt Enegri Power Case

This case also has a few extra tricks up its sleeve. For starters, the two-piece hard shell slots around the phone adding 6mm in thickness and 13mm in length, but doing so means that you’ve just strapped an additional 1800mAh battery to your S3’s existing cell. Tylt states that the case should offer up five hours of additional talk time, or if you’re into watching videos, pull out the inbuilt metal kickstand and watch movies on your S3 for way longer than you were previously able to. There’s also an LED indictor to see how much juice you have left.

Price: $79.99 (and shipping) [LINK]

Tylt Engeri Power Case
Tylt Engeri Power Case

iLuv Peanuts

Snoopy is back! In a series of cases from iLuv. Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy and Woodstock are now immortalised in Samsung Galaxy S3 hardshell cases, protecting the phone, while providing access to its controls.

Price: £14.99 [LINK]

iLuv Samsung Galaxy S3 snoopy cases
iLuv Peanuts

Element Eclipse case

Possibly one of the most stylish tough cases at CES, Element’s forthcoming Eclipse case features an aluminium bezel, a tough TPU backing inlaid with carbon fibre and an integrated kickstand to rest your S3 on any flat surface for optimum video viewing. Element has also created an acoustic chamber in the case as part of their Sound Boost design, which directs noise from the loudspeaker out of the side of the case rather than simply muffling it. Element even throw in a lanyard for good measure. Pick it up directly from in black on silver, black on black and soon white.

Price: TBC [LINK]

Element Eclipse Case
Element Eclipse Case

OtterBox Armor Series case

This case is the toughest OtterBox has built and as the name suggests, aims to perfectly suit the the great outdoors or pretty much anything you intend to throw at it. The multilayer design is said to prevent any damage from up to a 10ft drop onto concrete, keep your S3 dry for up to 30 minutes, even when submerged in up to 6.6ft of water, withstand up to two tons of pressure without breaking a sweat and the whole indestructible parcel is sealed with a medical-grade steel latch system, all in all creating a pretty tough nut to crack.

As the S3’s Armor case was announced at CES, you’ll have to wait for its availability but you can register your interest at

Price: TBC [LINK]

OtterBox Armor Series
OtterBox Armor Series for Galaxy S3

Trident Electra Charging case

We’ve seen the Perseus case from Trident before and despite offering the lowest level of protection in its product portfolio, it’s a pretty comprehensive rubberised case nonetheless. What the company has done is combine this case with their Electra charging pack to create a customisable ruggedised case with an additional 2000mAh battery built in. As well as comprehensive shock and knock protection, your S3’s battery can almost be doubled.

The case isn’t yet available as it only broke cover at CES, but checking back regularly at Trident’s website is advised.

Price: TBC [LINK]

Trident Electra Charging case
Trident Electra charging case for Samsung Galaxy S3

Cooltopia Snappgrip case

Not a case for protection, but rather a case for those looking to make the most of the Galaxy S3’s 8 megapixel camera. Featuring a proper camera grip with hardware controls and a tripod mount, this case lets you take mobile photography to the next level. There’s a physical dual-detent shutter button to focus; along with hardware zoom controls and an 8-position shooting mode selector. What’s more the grip is detachable from the Snappgrip case, leaving your smartphone protected without the extra bulk.

Having reached its funding goal on Kickstarter, Cooltopia states that both S3 and iPhone versions of the case should be available from the end of February.

Price: £69 [LINK] 

snappgrip case for Samsung Galaxy S3
snappgrip for Galaxy S3

Alcantara Sleeve

This sleeve is made from Alcantara, fabric used in the interior of Porsche and Maserati, 1mm thick yet designed to resist wear and tear. This ethically made case comes in Black, Grey, Red, Orange, Blue and Aubergine.

Price: £20 [LINK]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Alcantara Sleeve
Alcantara Sleeve


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