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Samsung Galaxy S3 gets pop-up shop

The countdown to the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has nearly run its course and with just four days left to launch, Samsung are setting plans in motion to really make its presence felt when it does.

The Samsung Mobile PIN is set to stand as the place to test out the new Samsung Galaxy S3 before launch. The PIN is essentially a transportable pop-up storefront with which Samsung can entice prospective buyers in.

Samsung mobile PIN

We actually came into contact with the PIN at the Samsung Galaxy S3 launch event in London earlier this month. A modern construction of mirrored glass, wood and metal, the store contains banks of S3’s in a sophisticated setting, away from the noise of the general high street phone store, the PIN’s give Samsung full control over the retail environment.

From Samsung’s official press release:
“To celebrate the launch of its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III, Samsung Mobile PIN offers the first premium pop-up experience space. The Samsung Mobile PIN will encourage consumers to fully interact with the latest intuitive technology and to try out Samsung solutions. The conceptual idea of the PIN is a moving landmark experience like a pinpoint on a map.”

In the run-up to London 2012, the S3, which is the official Olympic Games phone will feature in four PIN stores around central London. The first two stores will appear at the Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush and Old Spitalfields Market with two more cropping up in Hyde Park and the Olympic Park closer to the start of the Games.


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