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Samsung Galaxy S3 in Garnet Red coming to AT&T

The flame at the top of Samsung’s mobile empire continues to burn brightly as the Galaxy S3 breaks records and continues to attract consumers with it’s cutting edge mobile hardware. Samsung designed the S3 with nature in mind, even naming the device’s available colour schemes as Marble White and Pebble Blue, well now there’s a new, rather more precious paint job on its way, Garnet Red.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 did at first come under fire, or rather retailers came under fire for not being able to stock the Pebble Blue version of the handset. Although a small number did make it to retail at launch, it was the Marble White version which lined shelves and remained available. The outage, as it transpired was due to a manufacturing issue which lay within the company’s new HyperGlaze surface finish. Now, both white and blue S3’s continue to fly off the shelves and the Garnet Red version is likely to do so with even greater pace.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Garnet Red

Unlike some red Samsungs in the past, this is unfortunately not a PRODUCT(RED) partnership, offering a charitable donation on purchase of the handset. The red S3 is presently an AT&T exclusive, meaning that only US customers on their country’s largest carrier will be able to pick one of these unusual looking phones up.

With regards to availability, AT&T had promised customers a red S3 would arrive on shelves not long after launch and their blog now states that pre-orders are set to kick off from July 15th, whilst purchase in store will commence from July 29th. There’s no mention of a price difference or whether the Garnet Red S3 will be made available in the various storage capacities on offer. We’ll know more when it launches.


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