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Samsung Galaxy S3 launches globally today

The wait is over and unless you live in Dubai, you may well be pulling the box lid off to reveal your new Samsung Galaxy S3, does it have that new phone smell?  We’ve finally arrived at the date so many have had ringed in their calendars, the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3, which many will concede, couldn’t come soon enough.

The S3 has been patrolling news sites for months with leaks and speculation cropping up left, right and centre ahead of its eventual launch event which took place at the start of the month in central London.

Samsung Galaxy S3 global launch

From today, the 28 markets which will have access to the Galaxy S3 consist of Europe (including the UK), the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and Africa. For the meantime the 16GB version will be the most abundant variant, available in both white and blue (unless the product errors are to be believed). In select markets and through select channels users can pick up the 32GB version (exclusive to Vodafone in the UK) and the 64GB version too.

You’ll notice that the list has some notable omissions, namely the US. Samsung hope to bring the S3 to the US and 144 other countries (across 295 different carriers), by the end of July, but delays might ensue with the rollout of LTE friendly and dual-core versions of the phone in select markets.

Depending on where you are, Samsung is making special efforts to drum up interest for the device, with an S3 ‘world tour’ taking place at a number of locales worldwide. It’s not like they need to however, as the largest smartphone launch in the company’s history has already resulted in a gargantuan 9 million pre-orders by carriers the world over.

Samsung Galaxy S3 SIM Free pricing

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