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Samsung Galaxy S3 Premium Support Stand hands-on

Users have had nearly three weeks to play with the shiny new Samsung Galaxy S3s following its monumental success at release on May 29th. During its London launch event, Samsung sung its praises with mention of some of the interesting new features it offered, such as Smart Stay, wireless charging and S-Voice, but what now? Once you’ve explored every nook and cranny of your new smartphone, where do you turn? The answer, accessories.

The S3’s launch event also made mention of a number of accessories, tailor-made for the handset, including the wireless charging station (which has unfortunately been delayed) and the official holder and charging dock. Samsung also unveiled its pop-up PIN stores, scattered around key sites in London in the run up to the Olympic Games, offering consumers advice and a specialised buying experience for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and other top-tier Samsung handsets.

We tripped down to the Westfield, London, to check out one of these unique shopping experiences and were treated to a small selection of goodies. Alongside a physical Samsung pin and a set of helpful tips & tricks manuals, we were given a peculiar blue silicone cone.

Closer inspection revealed it was the Samsung Premium Support Stand; a suction cup based single flexible arm, designed to prop up your S3 in either portrait or landscape orientation. As unusual and eye-catching as the blue silicone design looks, real world doesn’t place it in the best light, although wholly convenient and functional in a landscape orientation, as you’ll see, successful portrait arrangement is somewhat of a nuisance to achieve.

If you fancy getting your own Samsung Premium Support Stand, it will cost you £10.

We were lucky to receive our Premium Support Stand for free, but if you miss out on Samsung’s generosity, you’ll have to fork out £10 for one of the three (from what we saw) colour options available.


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