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Samsung Galaxy S3 receives minor OTA update

With just over two weeks following release under the Samsung Galaxy S3’s belt, users have had enough time to purchase, play and explore their new handsets. The S3 received an amazing reception at launch, with Phones 4U in the UK reporting both record pre-order and opening day sales. It may be all smiles on the consumer end, but Samsung has apparently picked up on a number of minor issues which have resulted in the release of not one, but two small updates.

SlashGear reports that the S3 received both a 31.17MB and a 15.57MB update in quick succession, however both times, the change log only listed ‘Stability Improvements’ as the notable change. When we pinged our unlocked S3 we too received notification of an update promising stability improvements, however ours weighed in at just 8.58MB.

galaxy S3 minor update

If you want to check whether your S3 requires the same update treatment (whatever the file size), head to your device’s setting, scroll down to ‘About device’, hit ‘Software update’ and press ‘Update’. Chances are, you’ll be greeted by a message not dissimilar from the one above. The S3 is happy to download this minor fix over both WiFi or 3G, so you can pick it up, wherever you are.

Aside from this little patch, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still riding high and it looks as if Apple may be the only company with a chance or dethroning the current smartphone king when it releases this year’s iPhone, presumably called the iPhone 5, in the latter half of the year.


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