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Samsung Galaxy S3 loses Local Search in the US to appease Apple

Android updates, especially major releases like the recently announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean are sought after in the mobile world, particularly from power users, those who want the latest and greatest as soon as possible, but the latest update for the US Samsung Galaxy S3 might not be one worth downloading.

It looks as though this latest OTA boobytrap, which for Sprint S3 owners will remove the device’s local search functionality and for AT&T S3 owners, also dumbs down the search bar accuracy. Why, you ask? In the pursuit of avoiding Apple’s big legal stick.

Sprint & AT&T Galaxy S3

As noted by Android Central, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus took a momentary absence in the US whilst it came under fire in another Apple/Samsung legal spat recently, which although still ongoing, has now allowed the Nexus to resume its place on the virtual store shelf. It’s the implications of these proceedings however, that have rattled Samsung. With Apple trying to thwart the S3 at launch in the US, Samsung are keen to give them as few reasons as possible to take further legal action against their prized handset.

Although the current action has been to remove features from some US Galaxy S3s, Samsung are likely working on a fix or alternative means of re-implementing such features so users don’t feel short-changed, meanwhile Apple will likely be watching the Korean company’s actions in the US very closely.

Unfortunately at some point or another Galaxy S3 users will have to update their devices, but maybe the legal wrangling will have moved on from them.


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