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Samsung Galaxy S3 render surfaces, looks fake

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is on its way and we can’t wait. We’ve seen specs leaked here and there and have a hunch that the S3 will be the ‘NFC phone’ that Samsung’s launching at the London 2012 Olympics Games.

This latest leak, a supposed press render of the Samsung Galaxy S3, gives us an idea of what it could look like. Maybe.

Sent to the guys at Phone Arena by an anonymous tipster, the Samsung Galaxy S3 (if this render is genuine) looks to borrow many of the Samsung Galaxy S2’s design cues. Same position of the front camera, same speaker grille, similar looking bezel.

Samsung Galaxy S3 render

Given the success of the Samsung Galaxy S2 we can see why Samsung might want to keep the design as close to the original as possible.

However we’re skeptical of what’s on show here. Though it doesn’t look like an appropriation of a Galaxy S2 press shot at a glance (the power button is in the wrong place) there’s something odd about the date notifier on the screen. It looks a little too devoid of information for our liking, something that Phone Arena pointed out as well.

The March 22nd date, once thought to be the launch date for the Galaxy S3, has been debunked too. Samsung confirmed that it won’t be showing off anything S3-shaped at its event in France.

Also, if you look at the bottom and the top of the phone, you’ll see a telltale shadow/light gradient. This is present on the black areas of the phone, but doesn’t extend across the front of the screen. These gradients are added to press images by manufacturers, presumably to make Photoshop jobbies harder to produce.

Furthermore this version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich doesn’t tally with what we’ve seen on our updated Galaxy S2 – the Google Search widget is stock Android 4.0 Holo style.

So we’re not convinced that this is the real deal. As much as we think Samsung might produce a similar-looking follow up to the Samsung Galaxy S2, there’s just too much that’s wrong about this image for us to take it as gospel. 


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