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Samsung Galaxy S3 source code revealed

Modders, hackers and most importantly, developers, rejoice! Samsung has just let loose the source code for the most popular smartphone of 2012, its new flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S3.

In case you’ve been hiding in a cave over the past few weeks. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has been making waves in the smartphone world, not only as the second quad-core device to hit the market, but it’s also broken pre-order and all time sales records with retailers like Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U. The new kid in town received a lot of press, months before its official announcement and now it’s finally arrived, consumers are clamouring to pick up their (white only) own handset.

Samsung Galaxy S3 source code

Android Police broke the news. Some of you might be asking what the source code will actually allow people to do. Off the bat, we don’t recommend the average smartphone user attempt to trifle with it. Those in the know will be able to utilise the S3’s source code to access lower-level control over phone functionality, so that the can tweak existing apps and helps create customised ROMs.

There’s likely little doubt in Samsung’s mind as to the uptake this offering will bring. No doubt thousands of developers world wide will have already picked up these important files, in the race to develop and tweak applications to one of the most populars smartphones on the planet.

For those who do feel up to the challenge, Samsung have provided access to the files via its Open Source Community Site, however GitHub user Chirayudesai has already gone to the trouble of unpacking and repackaging the kernel for easy pickings, take a look.


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