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Samsung Galaxy S3 teardown video, looks painful

Tech lovers have a tendency to protect their phones, tablets and laptops giving rise to a huge industry in screen protectors and cases, but sometimes, there are those who just throw caution to the wind and rip apart these precious gadgets for the amusement and interest of the internets. But what if that phone is the brand new Samsung Galaxy S3?

Despite all the chatter surrounding Apple and the new release of iOS 6, revealed yesterday and expected to arrive sometime in the next few months, the Galaxy S3 is still the phone of the moment and after record pre-order and opening day sales figures, interest is still going strong.

We thought we’d take a leaf out of Phandroid’s book and bring you a Samsung Galaxy S3 teardown video that’s been circulating over the past week or so, just in case you missed it. Enjoy or cringe, whichever you prefer.


Congratulations if you watched the entire thing without wincing. Samsung no doubt don’t recommend that you disassemble your new Galaxy S3 by hand, but if you do, we recommend following LE55ON’s YouTube video to the letter, primarily as his clearly starts again after reassembly.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 (in case you haven’t heard) is the company’s new flagship Android device and enters the market as the second quad-core smartphone after the HTC One X. Running ICS and offering features like a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display, wireless charging and S-voice (Siri-esq voice functionality), the S3 is the device to beat right now and we suspect Apple is gearing up to attempt just that.


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