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Samsung Galaxy S3 tips and tricks video part 2

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has fast become our favourite handset on the market. Not only does it combine strong performance across the board with a quad-core processor, re-worked camera and a 720p screen, but it also offers removable storage options and a removable battery which manages to last a full day. 

UPDATE: We originally posted our tips and tricks video in June, since then we’ve been living with the phone and getting more familiar with its quirks and features. So here’s the second part of our Samsung Galaxy S3 tips and tricks.

Tip One – Memorise your motion settings

What makes the Samsung Galaxy S3 such a must have bit of kit is the array of innovation within. To access some very cool gesture and motion support, jump into settings, select motion and you can tweak a host of features. We especially found direct call both cool and useful day in day out. What’s direct call you ask? When in a text conversion with a contact, simply placing the phone to the ear results in a phone call – so simple it’s genius.

Tip number two – Screenshot it

Samsung decided to forgo the standard Android method of capturing screenshots in favour of two differing methods. The first is simple, just press power and home simultaneously as with the Samsung Galaxy S2. The second is a bit more temperamental, but it does work after a couple of goes – we assure you. Requiring a palm or finger swipe from left to right or vice versa, the phone detects the edge to edge swiping and captures the shot. This has to be a whole finger or flat palm and while it might sound like a faff, after a couple of failures, it ended up being our preferred method.

Tip number three – Float your video

The native Samsung video player is a work of genius. Not only does it pack support for most of the codecs you’re likely to use, but it also gives you the option to turn your video into a small floating window so you can get on with other searches, texts or emails without missing your movie. When watching a video, simply press the on screen button in the bottom right of the display indicating a pop out window and the homescreen will appear complete with addition video window. This can me moved around at will and operates smoothly even with HD content – a true multi-tasking experience showing off the processing power of the S3.

Tip number four – Turn off smart stay

Now we’ve heard mixed things about Smart stay, the eye watching tech that keeps the screen on so long as you’re looking at the S3. For us and our deep set eyes though, it didn’t work to great effect. To switch it off and save a little battery life in the process, jump into your display settings and uncheck the box next to smart stay. This will stop the beady eye icon popping un in your notifications bar and keep your front facing camera off.

Tip number 5 – HDR and Burst

While Samsung changed the specs of their Samsung Galaxy S3 camera, they’ve optimised the software to include a 3.5 frames per second burst mode and HDR, High Dynamic Range. These can be selected by selecting shooting mode and switching to either burst of HDR.

If shooting HDR, make sure you keep your hand as still as possible as the camera takes three shots and combines them in order to get a wider tonal range in the final picture.

There you have our top tips for getting the most out of our favourite Android phone of the moment. If you’ve still not bagged yourself a Samsung Galaxy S3, check out our full review here and if you have one, let us know any tips you’ve picked up since getting yours.


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