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Samsung Galaxy S3 US launch confirmed, Apple denied again

Much to the dismay of Apple, Samsung’s new flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S3, looks to be finally going on sale is the US as planned, despite the company’s attempts at preventing it from doing so.

In a strange turn of events, Apple’s numerous court altercations with Samsung may be responsible for the S3’s scheduled US launch on June 21st, against the Cupertino-based company’s wishes.

As a result of a separate court case currently underway by both Apple and Samsung, San Jose Judge, Lucy Koh stated that she would be unable to provide Apple with the injunction they would need to prevent Samsung from releasing their new smartphone on time as her calendar would not allow it.

S3 shadow

Both companies have been locked in numerous court proceedings over the past three years and the ongoing struggle for patents and power seems to have backfired on Apple in this case, which claim that numerous Samsung products infringe on Apple-owned patents.

Samsung has already seen a phenomenal response to the Samsung Galaxy S3 in markets like Europe, with over 9-million pre-orders alone, excluding the US and Canada. Samsung has a strong presence in these markets and will no doubt breathe a sigh of relief at the news that Apple has been denied a court injunction.

Professor Brian Love, who studies Patent Litigation at Stanford Law School stated, “The stalemate is much more of a victory for the accused infringers than it is for Apple,” we think Samsung may well agree.


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