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Samsung Galaxy S3 VS Apple iPhone 4S

Apple VS Android. The two biggest smartphone operating systems and the biggest mobile war of the moment, as some fans of these two manufacturing giants take pot shots at each others choices and bitterly defend their own.

It’s not just fans either; relations between rival manufacturers are often frost, but none is more ice-cold than the feeling between Apple and Samsung – whether it’s through an endless round of injunctions and court cases, mocking adverts from Samsung and more recently a stinging comment at Apple’s keynote.

Fights aside, ultimately for a phone fan, it’s the final device that matters and at the moment Apple and Samsung are at the top of the smartphone tree.

After months of speculation during which time Samsung Galaxy S2 fans waited with baited breath, the Samsung Galaxy S3 landed with as much fanfare and hype as – well – an Apple launch. Since then we’ve been lucky enough to review the phone and we were so impressed by its speed and innovation we awarded it 5 stars in our Samsung Galaxy S3 review, making it officially our favourite Android smartphone,

Apple’s flagship the Apple iPhone 4S also scored 5 stars on release, but it is looking a little old now, but with one best screens on the market and the iOS 6 update on the way, it’s far too soon to write it off just yet.

But which of these fantastic smartphones is the best, will it be Apple or Samsung? Lets find out.


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