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Sony Xperia T VS Samsung Galaxy S3

We were met by a number of new handsets from Sony at IFA with year, but one device takes precedent over the others as it’s set to become the company’s flagship when it hits stores in the coming months –  the Sony Xperia T.

The new jewel in Sony’s crown naturally has a number of notable competitors already in the market with which to contend including the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Probably the most noteworthy competitor based on its reception by consumers when it finally hit stores, the Galaxy S3 broke pre-order and opening day sales figures for a number of UK mobile retailers. We’ll bring you a full comparison very soon, but until check out the video below to see how they stack up based on our time with both phones at technology show IFA.


Sony Xperia T vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – Design

The Sony Xperia T feels like a natural progression from last year’s Arc handsets (the Xperia Arc and Arc S) primarily due to its inverted curved back. There’s also a counterplay of textures, with a thin gloss plastic bezel surrounding the display and a satin textured back panel that feels sculpted to the hand. The Xperia T doesn’t make use of a removable back cover and instead leaves both SIM and SD card slots under a flap on the back panel.

In contrast the Samsung Galaxy S3’s hyperglaze body might look cheaper overall due to its shine, but it feels secure in the hand. What’s more, despite its removable back cover, it remains slim and unobtrusive, especially when in a pocket for example – less so than with the Xperia T.

Another excellent element of the design which Sony has included is a hardware camera key, made particularly useful with its ‘sleep-to-snap’ functionality, which allows you the ability to take a photo in about a second, without having to unlock the phone. Unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy S3 (as with its predecessor) doesn’t yet employ such capabilities in the design.

Sony Xperia T vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – Screen

Both devices offer a large 720p display however the Galaxy S3’s 4.8-inch panel wins out for sheer screen real-estate over the Xperia T’s 4.6 inch display. The HD Super AMOLED of the S3 certainly looks crystal clear, but as is often the shortcoming of AMOLED technology, whites have a subtle but apparent blue hue, something LCD displays avoid altogether. The Xperia T’s 720p display looks equally sharp, although contrast is better with deeper blacks and brighter whites. The display’s brightness also trumps the Galaxy S3.

Sony Xperia T vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – UI

Both devices currently run Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Sony, as with the existing 2012 handsets offer a more reserved set of alterations on the stock experience. Aside from Sony widgets with all have a consistent, minimalist aesthetic including helpful enhancements such as a customisable app drawer.

In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the first of Samsung’s handsets to utilise TouchWiz Nature UX. As well as a host of widgets and apps with Samsung’s distinctive style.

Sony Xperia T vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – Price

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is already available with SIM free pricing started from around £499. We’re still waiting on pricing and availability of the Sony Xperia T, but we expect it to be a similar price 

We’ll be able to bring you a full comparison in due course.


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