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Samsung Galaxy S3 VS US Samsung Galaxy S3 video emerges

You may have heard of a little smartphone known as the Samsung Galaxy S3, the device which was initially unveiled at Samsung Unpacked, before arriving in stores across Asia and Europe at the end of May but is only now finding its way to consumers in the US. The delay is somewhat justified however as alterations render US Galaxy S3s a little different to their brothers across the pond.

PocketNow has compared both international and US versions of Samsung’s latest creation in a video to determine if one is superior to the other. The extensive comparison tests, startup, app launching, UI navigation, camera and web browser fluidity, benchmarking and identifies any aesthetic differences. Bearing in mind this is a lengthy video, sit back and observe.

The showdown here results in an incredibly close race despite the hardware variations. Although the unlocked international S3 makes use of an Exynos 4 Quad 1.4GHz quad-core processor paired with 1GB of RAM, the Sprint carrier-locked US S3 rocks a 1.5GHz dual-core, a different GPU and twice the amount of RAM.

Although benchmark results rendered the international S3 the greater of the two models, in real-world usage the difference turns out to be almost imperceptible, with more trying actions perhaps taking a second long to execute on the US version.

Bearing this in mind, we recommend Stateside consumers debating whether to import or buy locally should just opt for their carrier’s own S3 handsets, not only will you have a state of the art handset, for the most part you’ll be able to make use of those impressive LTE data speeds.


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