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Samsung Galaxy S3: What’s in the box?

After months of waiting patiently,  next week Android fans will be able to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3. The phone has arrived in the Recombu office, so we’ve been eagerly looking through the box to find out exactly what you’ll be getting if you’re getting the Samsung Galaxy S3 next week. Check out our first impressions here.

With pre-orders already at 9 million, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is destined  to be a huge hit for Samsung. Looking at its specification sheet it’s easy to see why.

Available in white and blue, it’s a nice looking phone, with smooth lines and curved edges – as Samsung says ‘designed for humans and inspired by nature.’

The 4.8-inch screen is huge and great for watching movies and playing games. It’s a HD Super AMOLED display, which means colours are exceptionally bold and rich and blacks deep. There’s also quad-core processor, to ensure it feels runs smoothly, as well as handling 3D gaming.

Available in 32GB and 64GB versions, it also comes with a memory card slot – so you can have a mammoth 96GB of storage – ample space for games, music and books.

We’ll be putting the Samsung Galaxy S3 through its paces this weekend and will bring you a full review very soon. Until then here’s a look at what is in the box.




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