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Samsung Galaxy S3 wins out in flagship battery face off

It would seem that Samsung are able to perform a bit of mobile magic. When we first met the Samsung Galaxy S3 we spent a lot of time being impressed by its huge 4.8-inch screen and it’s impressive quad-core processor, but with all those power hungry components under the hood, we were sceptical as to whether it’d last more than a few hours between visits to the plug point.

Thankfully, unlike the HTC One X, which painted a less than desirable picture with regards to quad-core phones and battery life, the Exynos 4 Quad chip in the S3 is obviously well balanced. Battery life was miles better than expected, we could use all of the phone’s features and even some intensive processes and still manage a day without hovering with a USB cable ready to plug it back in.

Which? Battery comparison

Aside from some real-world testing of our own, Which? have placed the Samsung Galaxy S3 in against the market’s leading rival devices and through their own methods (the processes of which they detail on their site), have had them run a battery gauntlet to find out who trumps who.

As you can see from the results, the Galaxy S3 had nothing to fear. Although it, along with the One X, is the only other smartphone currently offering quad-core performance, its battery was able to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide an impressive 726 minutes of call time over 3G, which equates to over 12 hours of calling. Compared to an average of 101 other mobiles, which ranked in at 315 minutes and the likes of Apple’s iPhone 4S 1432mAh battery only endowing it with 467 minutes of talk time under the same circumstances.

Samsung are no doubt beaming with pride considering the reception the Galaxy S3 has received in markets across the world and as consumers realise just how capable the device can be, things are only going to get better. Also, if you want to know best practises with regards to saving battery life, check out our guide.


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