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Samsung Galaxy S4 reaches 10 million units shipped milestone

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is out in the wild available to purchase, how well is the phone really doing? According to a press release that Samsung released yesterday, pretty well. The company says that 10 million units of the Galaxy S4 have been shipped globally so far, and it took just under a month for Samsung to reach that milestone.

For comparison, the Galaxy S3 managed to hit 10 million units shipped 50 days after the phone was first made available, while the Galaxy S2 took around five months. Samsung says that the phone is currently on sale in around 110 countries – that will soon expand to 155 – and that a handset is being shifted every four seconds. Pretty impressive stuff, and it cements the Galaxy S4 as the fastest shipping Android phone to date. Naturally, the company has a celebratory video to accompany the news:

Samsung also announced that it will be introducing some additional colours into the Galaxy S4 range in the coming months, not unlike the Galaxy S3. The handset is currently available in white or black, but Samsung will be adding what it calls Blue Arctic, Red Aurora, Purple Mirage, and Brown Autumn into the mix. No specific date was given for the availability of the additional colours, with Samsung merely saying that they’ll be ready in time for the summer.


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