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Samsung Galaxy S4 pink bagged exclusively by Phones 4U

The pink Samsung Galaxy S4 will only be available to buy in the UK from Phones 4U when it lands in January. 

The rosy Android phone will be available exclusively from Phones 4U on contracts starting at £33/month from Vodafone, Orange and EE. You can pre-order now, but the S4 won’t be available to buy online or in stores until January. 

Customers who want a little bit of bleeding edge 4G to go with their blushing Galaxy S4 will be paying at least £38/month to get it on a Vodafone 24 month 4G plan, or £42/month if they want to get it from EE. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 pink bagged exclusively by Phones 4U
Think Pink: The Samsung Galaxy S4 resplendent in a sensual salmon shade

Both of these 4G deals give you unlimited texts and minutes, but the Vodafone deal gives you 6GB of data a month whereas the EE plan gives you just 4GB, as well as being more expensive. 

That said, the lower price and extra data might be moot, as Vodafone’s 4G coverage is currently nowhere near as extensive as EE’s. That said, both of the contracts are 24 months long.

In two year’s time both of the networks will have improved their 4G coverage considerably, with EE expecting to have reached roughly 98 per cent of the UK’s population by this time next year. Vodafone, O2 and Three are expected to have hit this figure by a year later. 

Phones 4U seem to be keen on keeping a line in pink Samsungs. In November, the high street brand announced that it had secure exclusive rights to sell the pink Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is easily one of the best phones of 2014 boasting good battery life, a vibrant screen and a decent camera. For those who wanted something pink and powerful in the new year, Phones 4U will sort you out. 


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