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Samsung Galaxy S4 pushed to the limit in ‘reliability test’ video

Samsung may have announced the rugged Galaxy S4 Active, but the company is trying to convince the world that even the regular edition can hold its own. The Next Web spotted a video from the South Korean manufacturer that shows how a Galaxy S4 is testing for reliability. Handsets are subjected to a variety of torture methods, including drop tests on numerous surfaces and submersion in water.

The video goes into surprisingly good detail of how Samsung tests its device. Phones are dropped from various heights and random angles to try and see how durable they are, and the company even has a “tumble test” that subjects handsets to longer sessions of abuse. There’s even an “impact test” that stresses the Gorilla Glass on the screen to sudden blunt force trauma.

Naturally, the company does some rudimentary water testing too. Engineers appear to dunk handsets in shallow water for a short period of time, checking afterwards to see if they still work. Sure enough, a short dunk isn’t enough to ruin the handset, but you should still probably avoid water at all costs.

Finally, Samsung puts its phones through temperature and humidity tests, and it even subjects devices to static electricity and dust. It looks to be a pretty rigorous testing regime to make sure phones stand up to everyday use – peep the video above if you’re interested in all the nitty gritty details.


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