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Samsung Galaxy S4 software features set to come to the S3

Yesterday we finally met the new Samsung Galaxy S4; the flagship set to take the company into the 2013 race for top smartphone. On the hardware side, the S4 totes a larger 5-inch Full HD display than its predecessor as well as a new octa-core processor and 13-megapixel camera, but there were a wealth of new software additions that although debuting on the S4, have a strong chance of trickling down to the Galaxy S3 as well.

Whilst at the launch yesterday, Nick DiCarlo – Samsung’s VP of portfolio planning told PCMag that although the older hardware of the S3 would limit it somewhat, many of the software improvements and new features which were debuted on stage with the S4 will come to existing owners of Galaxy S3s (and likely Galaxy Note 2’s as well):

Anything that we can do that’s not dependent on hardware like infrared, we’ll definitely bring to all the flagship devices.

S4, S3, Note 2

Although the S4’s hardware was a big talking point, DiCarlo actually wanted to emphasise just how much of a role the new software features go towards defining what makes the handset so special. The camera experience was a highlight and when asked why his company opted for a conventional 13-megapixel sensor over a larger pixel sensor as seen on the new HTC One, he stated; “Photo quality is great, and has been great; for the average person you’re not having a quality argument about photography. For your everyday use case, the ability to remove photobombers and that kind of stuff is really what’s going to have people talking.

So we expect in due time, all current top-notch Samsungs will tote the S4’s Dual Camera, Sound In Shot, Adapt Display, Smart Switch, Group Play, ChatOn three-way video calling and maybe even Air Gesture features, but as for when, who knows?


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