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Samsung Galaxy S4 Startup guide

You’ve just got your Samsung Galaxy S4, 5-inch Full HD display, 13-megapixel camera, 1.9GHz quad-core processor, it’s a beast. That said, what good is it if you can’t start it up?

First thing you’ll want to do is make sure your battery is located and ready to go into the phone. Fresh out of the box it should have about 50% charge on board; plenty to get you started considering it’s a huge 2600mAh power plant we’re talking about here. 

Before you put the battery into the phone, you’ll want to make sure you get your microSIM card inserted. If you’ve got a regular sized SIM, you can get it cut down in most phone shops, or do it yourself with a little care, patience and a steady hand.

The right hand side slot is designated for the SIM card. Make sure when slotting your SIM in that the gold contacts face away from you; you’ll know as the angled corner won’t allow it to fully slot in any other way. Once it’s in, you can add in the battery – its contacts should be positions on the top left hand corner.

Whilst we’re here, should you have a microSD card to bolster the phone’s memory, the small slot on the left side is designed for any capacity up to 64GB. Once everything’s connected up as it should be you can then snap the removable cover back on.

With SIM and battery in, you can finally switch your Galaxy S4 on. Press and hold the power button on the right hand side of the device until you feel it briefly vibrate. This button serves as the power/lock key and can be used to wake or sleep the phone with a short tap or power it off from the menu that appears on screen after holding it down for a few seconds.

Once the Galaxy S4’s booted up, the first time setup will take you through a number of screens, starting with local language, the option to connect to any WiFi networks in range, account screens where you can log in to your Google, Samsung account, plus any other account you may have and once you’ve completed all that, you’ll find yourself at the main homescreen.

The user interface running on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is called TouchWiz and during first time use, the phone will guide you through its main features and functions. From this point on it’s then up to you to customise, download apps, change wallpapers and enjoy your new flagship.


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