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Samsung Galaxy S4 update quashes bugs, includes apps to SD card support

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is no doubt one of the best Android phones of 2013, but it definitely had a few bugs out of the box, not to mention a severe lack of internal storage space. According to SamMobile, Samsung is pushing out an update over-the-air to the Galaxy S4 that fixes several bugs while freeing up some space in the process.

The most important fix, however, is for an issue that could often be seen with the display. Quickly scrolling through images and text occasionally resulted in an ugly purple smearing effect, first thought to be an issue with the Super AMOLED panel itself. It turns out that it was a software bug after all, a welcome relief for Galaxy S4 owners.

Update: After installing the software update, we’ve found that the display smearing is still present.

Users can now also move their apps across to a microSD card if they’re short on storage space, and free space on the internal drive has seen a very slight bump to 9.23GB, up from 9.15GB. Other new features include a semi-transparent status bar, new icons in the Settings menu, and a display mode that increases legibility.

SamMobile says that the update is currently being pushed out to the LTE version of the Galaxy S4 – otherwise known as the GT-I9505 – in Germany to begin with. Anyone using the Exynos edition of the handset might have to wait a little while longer before seeing the update. The OTA package reportedly totals 365.67 MB in size, so you’ll probably want to pull it down over Wi-Fi when it does eventually hit your phone.


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