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Best Samsung Galaxy S5 launch day deals and pricing

Samsung’s 2014 flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is hitting UK stores today, so we’ve collated the best deals, plans and prices to help you can find the perfect one for you.

We’ve had the date pencilled in our calendars for sometime, but the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone has finally made it into stores starting today. Pre-orders for the new flagship kicked off on March 28th (Carphone Warehouse reporting twice as many pre-orders as its predecessor, the Galaxy S4) and each of the UK’s big mobile retailers is trying to entice you with some launch-time offers if you’re still undecided.

Samsung Galaxy S5 launch queue

In case you haven’t heard, the Galaxy S5 is Samsung’s first waterproof flagship, boasting IP67 certification which will ensure your shiny new smartphone keeps working, even in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

It’s also the first of Samsung’s handsets to integrate a fingerprint scanner into the home button and what’s more, it’s PayPal certifiied. This means you can swipe to unlock your phone and also use your fingerprint swipes to confirm purchases online, wherever you are.

What special launch day offers are available with the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Carphone Warehouse

CPW has put together an enticing deal on S5s, which adds £100 to the typical trade-in value of your old phone. SIM free the Galaxy S5 can be had for £569.96, but depending on your device, you can make a decent saving.

Care Warehouse's Lightning Deliveries team ensured Galaxy S5's were available in key London stores in time for launch.
Carephone Warehouse’s Lightning Deliveries runners ensured Galaxy S5s were in London stores in time for launch

For example, Samsung Galaxy S4 owners looking to stay at the cutting edge can nab £261 cashback , whilst iPhone 5 owners willing to go Android can swap Apple’s 2012/2013 flagship for £290 cashback (this price based on the 16GB model).

Phones 4u

If you’re after an affordable Android tablet anyway, picking up a Galaxy S5 in any one of Phones 4u’s 700+ stores will also land you a new 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and £25 of Google Play store credit to spend on apps, movies, games, books and music.


Whilst Three isn’t offering any special launch day deals in-store or online, Recombu is running a competition to give you the chance to win a Galaxy S5 in partnership with the network right here.


Not only has Vodafone updated the plans on offer with a Samsung Galaxy S5, but those who pre-ordered a phone in conjunction with a Red 4G plan, will now receive extra data, getting a bump from 3GB to 5GB, not to mention free access to either Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV, for the full length of their contract.

If you’re after the gold Galaxy S5 in the UK, Vodafone is currently the only place you’ll be able to get your hands on one.

Virgin Media

As well as cheaper tariffs across the board, Virgin Media customers after a Samsung Galaxy S5 will get a £10 monthly saving on their plans, inclusive insurance and unlimited calls and texts to other Virgin Media mobiles.

What’s the best PAYG offer on the Samsung Galaxy S5?

If you’re after a Pay As You Go plan, here’s what’s on offer from the main carriers.

  Minutes Texts Data 3G/4G Upfront cost Minimum top-up
O2* 75 100 1GB 4G £649.99 £15
Phones 4u 30p per min 14p per min £1 per 25MB 3G £559.95 None
Three 300 3000 Unltd 4G £549.99 £15

*O2’s Pay & Go Go Go SIMs improve with time – after 9 months, allowances jump to 150 minutes and unlimited texts.

What’s the best Pay Monthly offer on the Samsung Galaxy S5?

If you’re after plenty of texts, minutes and data, then a Pay Monthly plan is what you’re after.

  Minutes Texts Data 3G/4G plan Upfront cost Monthly cost Plan length
Carphone Warehouse* 500 Unltd 500MB 4G £99 £33 24 mnth
EE Unltd Unltd 4GB 4G** £159.99 £37.99 24 mnth
O2 Unltd Unltd 5GB 4G Free £43 24 mnth
Phones 4u*** Unltd Unltd 1GB 3G £89 £37 24 mnth
Three 600 Unltd Unltd 4G £29 £38 24 mnth
Vodafone Unltd Unltd 3GB 4G £99 £42 24 mnth
Virgin Media 1000 Unltd 500MB 3G £69 £46 24 mnth

*Carphone Warehouse tariff quoted here operates on O2’s network
**Double speed 4G on EE’s network
***Phones4u tariff quoted here operates on Vodafone’s network
†Prices based on non-Virgin Media customer pricing.

Best SIM free Samsung Galaxy S5 prices

So you don’t care about a new plan or you’re happy with your SIM, your number and just want some shiny new hardware to enjoy. Check out some SIM free pricing right here:

  • Carphone Warehouse = £569.96 [LINK]
  • Clove = £522 [LINK]
  • = £564.99 [LINK]
  • Phones 4u = Upgrade only, price varies [LINK]
  • = £549.98 [LINK]

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is vying for the top smartphone spot in 2014 alongside the new Sony Xperia Z2 and the HTC One (M8). You can read the full review right here and stay tuned for more on Samsung’s top dog.


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